Biden’s White House BLASTS Republicans for Promoting Debunked Conspiracy Theories

The White House accused Republicans of spreading conspiracy theories after they unveiled details about their investigation into the alleged corruption between US President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. This is according to a story posted on the Post Millennial

The Republicans released a report that detailed their investigation into the alleged corruption between Biden and his family. They claimed that there has been a decade-long pattern of political cover-ups and influence peddling.

The report stated that the investigation revealed evidence of multiple instances of political cover-ups and influence-peddling. It also uncovered evidence of the abuse of power by the executive branch.

The report stated that the president's personal involvement in his family's international business ventures has raised concerns about the country's national security. It was revealed that the president's relatives and associates used their connections to enrich the Biden family.

The White House immediately responded to the report, calling it a political attack and a long-debunked conspiracy theory.

The White House claimed that the top priority of the Republican Congress is to attack Biden instead of working with him on issues that are important to the American people. Ian Sams, a White House press representative, said that the Republicans were only interested in launching a political attack instead of addressing important issues.

Sams noted that Biden would not allow the political attacks to distract him from the important issues facing the country. He urged the Republicans to work with the White House to address the issues that are most important to the American people.

Despite the White House's conspiracy theory claims, nothing has been debunked. An editorial by the New York Post stated that the administration was only trying to cover up a story.

Despite the Post's admitted suppression of its breaking news stories about Hunter's activities on Facebook, there is still proof.

Hunter Biden reportedly courted clients from various countries, including Russia, China, and Ukraine, while his father was the vice president. According to the editorial board of the New York Post, he was paid "mind-boggling sums" despite his addiction to drugs.

The Post also reported that the First Son's business ventures were with a Chinese energy conglomerate backed by the Communist Party of China. Despite his lack of expertise in the field, Hunter was still able to receive large sums of money.

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