Biden’s White House Payroll Balloons Amid High Turnover and Cost

President Biden’s White House is making headlines for all the wrong reasons – and it’s not just because of his occasional gaffes. recently uncovered some startling information about the current administration that should make Americans sit up and take notice.

Since Richard Nixon’s scandal-ridden presidency, no Commander in Chief has had as bloated a White House staff as Biden. Yes, you heard that right – more than even the likes of Obama and Trump. In fact, Biden’s staff has swelled to a whopping 565 employees, with a staggering payroll of $60.8 million. And let’s not forget the high turnover rate, with 225 employees flying the coop since 2023.

First Lady Jill Biden seems to also be getting in on the action, with her staff count rivaling that of Michelle Obama’s. Not to mention the hefty paychecks some of these White House employees are cashing in, with Associate Counsel Michelle Barrans leading the pack at $251,258.

It’s not just the numbers that are concerning – it’s the policy areas these so-called “Czars” are overseeing. From “gun violence prevention” to “gender policy,” these unelected Special Assistants are wielding significant influence in key areas of governance. And let’s not forget the taxpayers footing the bill for all of this. 


In the spirit of transparency and accountability, it’s crucial for Americans to stay informed about how their hard-earned money is being spent in Washington. The conservative push for greater oversight, championed by organizations like, is more important now than ever. It’s time to keep a close eye on the ever-expanding government machine and ensure that the interests of the American people remain front and center.

Written by Staff Reports

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