Whoopi Goldberg Skips Biden Debate, Defends Him on Return Despite Gaffes

The nation collectively sighed in relief when Whoopi Goldberg was absent during President Joe Biden’s latest debate train wreck on June 27. Turns out, the top diva on ABC’s “The View” was off indulging in some much-needed vacation time. And really, who could blame her? Typically, debates don’t sway opinions in a monumental fashion.

But then, there’s nothing typical about Biden these days, especially when his flubs become the highlight of the evening. Former President Donald Trump’s team capitalized on it, releasing a 90-second compilation showing Biden struggling with his words — no need for commentary from Trump, because Biden’s blunders spoke volumes.

The cherry on top was Whoopi Goldberg’s return to defend Biden with a straight face. She apparently needs a lot more than visible signs of cognitive decline to reconsider her support. According to her, even if Biden seems barely competent, he’s still the man for the job. This coming from someone whose career revolves around being coherent on live TV.

Whoopi reminded everyone of the 2019 Democratic debate where Kamala Harris accused Biden of racism, saying he came back stronger. Yet, there’s a world of difference between making a political recovery and overcoming the effects of old age. Biden’s history of surviving political missteps doesn’t mean he can outmaneuver Father Time.

The reality is Biden’s age-related struggles are undeniable, highlighted painfully in his debate with Trump. Any hope that experience alone will carry him through is wishful thinking. His condition is far from a mere perception issue; it’s an unfortunate reality Democrats will have to confront.

Biden loyalists like Whoopi are setting the stage for a big bet: that Americans care more about the “D” next to Biden’s name than they do about his evident decline. Democrats are banking on voters ignoring what they see on stage in favor of party loyalty. 


As pressure mounts for Biden to step aside, mainstream media keeps treating his decline as if it’s breaking news. Eventually, they’ll downplay it, acting like nothing’s wrong. Republicans, however, must cut through the noise and present the unvarnished truth: Biden’s capacity to lead isn’t just compromised — it’s virtually vanished.

This battle isn’t just about politics, it’s about the very future of America. With leftist media and elites trying to control every narrative, the 2024 election could be make or break. Conservatives need to stand up now more than ever, disrupt the propaganda, and restore common sense to our political dialogue. The fate of our nation depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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