Bill Maher Triggers Liberals With Blunt Question To Black Community In Chicago

This week, Bill Maher, the host of Real Time, criticized the lack of attention paid to the rising crime rates in Chicago and other major cities in Black communities. He has been known for his liberal views, and he often aligns himself with conservative political figures. In his latest segment, he asked why the crime in these areas hadn't been addressed.

During his segment, he asked why people were not speaking up about the issue when it was happening in Chicago, where most of the shootings were carried out by young African-American men. Glenn Loury, an economist, confirmed that this was the case. He also criticized the suggestion that the city should invest more in the area, noting that a third of children in the country cannot read properly.

The issue of crime cannot be ignored, and it is time for the Democratic Party to take action to address the problem. The Left has failed to grasp the practical implications of crime policy, putting the public at risk.

He should be commended for addressing the issue and for holding his own political party accountable. It's not racist to talk about the educational disparity in the African-American community, but it's also time for the Democrats in Chicago to take responsibility for the area.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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