Judge Orders Hunter Biden to Face Paternity Case In-Person, Will Justice Finally Be Served?

Rumors have been circulating that Hunter Biden is hiding out in the White House in a desperate attempt to avoid being served legal papers. However, a judge in Arkansas has had enough and has ordered Hunter to appear in-person for the duration of his ongoing paternity case, involving an unacknowledged four-year-old daughter he had with a former stripper. Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer is growing increasingly impatient with the delays caused by remote proceedings and is demanding Hunter’s physical presence.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Hunter Biden must appear in all court hearings concerning his Arkansas paternity case, including one scheduled for May 1.” Judge Meyer has also ordered Hunter’s former lover Lunden Roberts to attend the hearings. The Judge’s patience reached a breaking point after Hunter’s lawyer, Brent Langdon, mentioned Hunter’s controversial laptop. Langdon was hesitant to discuss its contents or even its existence, much to Judge Meyer’s frustration.

Even after mainstream outlets have admitted that the contents of Hunter’s laptop are genuine and not Russian disinformation, Hunter’s lawyer is still failing to acknowledge its existence or veracity. Consequently, the judge has ordered Hunter to appear in court and answer questions himself. However, this move may not go well for Hunter, given his previous attempts to avoid paying child support payments, despite owning a beach house in Malibu and a “career” as an artist.

It appears that Hunter must finally face the consequences of his actions and appear in court on May 1, no matter how hard he tries to hide away in the White House. The case will proceed through discovery, with a bench trial to determine whether Hunter can pay less for his child, who his family refuses to acknowledge, scheduled for late July. It’s time for Hunter to face the music and pay up for the child he has neglected.

Written by Staff Reports

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