Border agreement with Canada undermines Biden’s open-borders agenda

The United States has been dealing with the southern border crisis for years, and it seems like no one can get a handle on it. For decades, politicians have made promises to fix the situation, but all those efforts have turned out to be nothing more than hot air. Now, the Republicans are demanding a border wall and stricter enforcement of immigration laws, while the Democrats won’t acquiesce unless there’s mass amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens. As usual, the Dems want to give taxpayers’ money away like candy.

Meanwhile, as tensions continue to mount, the United States has agreed to a new asylum policy for migrants with Canada. This agreement allows both nations to refuse asylum seekers at the border, and Canada will have the right to send illegal immigrants back home from crossing at the popular Roxham Road entry point from New York to Quebec. If this agreement wasn’t already a win for a secure border, Canada has even agreed to provide a new, legal refugee program for 15,000 migrants – depriving them of the chance to cross into the U.S. illegally from Mexico.

However, as nice as it is to see some progress being made, it’s hard to ignore the timing of this announcement given President Joe Biden’s trip to Canada. A meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau means the platitude-spewing president can have a chance to “underscore the unity of purpose” between both nations. It’s a pity that Biden couldn’t show some love to another place in dire need: East Palestine, Ohio. After a disastrous train crash, nobody seems to care about the people there who are suffering, and yet Biden is hobnobbing abroad instead of addressing crises at home.

Additionally, this new agreement wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place if Biden had just followed through with Trump’s approach towards border security. Apparently, progressive Democrats think it’s okay to open up the borders and take on a humanitarian crisis. Can you imagine what would happen if the government opened the gates and let everyone flood across the border? We need stronger borders, and the Republicans have been trying to address this issue for years. Biden should have just let the previous administration’s policies take effect rather than undoing everything for his own political agenda. The southern border crisis is not about politics or partisanship; it’s about keeping our nation safe and secure.

Written by Staff Reports

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