Biden White House in Denial Over Failing Economy, Refuses to Address Concerns of the American People.

The assertion that President Joe Biden has created a "strong economy" by the White House has been deemed delusional, especially after the recent failures of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks. Despite the clear evidence of an economic decline, Caitlin Huey-Burns, the White House correspondent for CBC, questioned Katrine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for Biden, about the president's unwavering endorsement of Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve chairman.

Despite the financial difficulties faced by the American public, KJP confidently asserted that "We empathize with the struggles of the American people, which is why we have prioritized reducing costs for them." The current administration is promoting the idea that the economy is not in a state of recession or pre-recession, but is instead thriving due to President Biden's diligent efforts.

During the briefing, reporters raised questions to KJP about the potential of a further economic decline following the collapse of the two major banks. However, KJP disregarded their concerns and cited the remarks made by Jerome Powell, persisting in promoting the idea of a "strong economy".
The Federal Reserve Chairman's inability to recognize the impact of printing money on inflation is just as concerning as the White House's stance. Such a lack of economic knowledge can lead to instability in the economy.

It’s no wonder that the American people don’t trust the Biden administration or anyone in his circle. With their strategies shooting them in the foot, it’s just a matter of time before the country spirals out of control. Until then, we’ll just have to sit tight and watch this train wreck unfold.

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