Border Patrol Union Exposes Biden’s False Endorsement Claim

Joe Biden’s meandering statements during the CNN presidential debate not only failed to make much sense, but they also included a blatant falsehood claiming that the Border Patrol had endorsed him. The audacity of this lie is truly astonishing, especially when one considers the absolute disaster that Biden’s border policies have brought about.

With illegal aliens – including criminals and even terrorists – pouring into the United States thanks to Biden’s lax approach to border security, it’s no wonder that the Border Patrol did not throw their support behind him. In fact, the Border Patrol Union quickly debunked Biden’s claim, clarifying that they have staunchly supported Donald Trump, a president who actually respected and empowered the men and women on the frontlines of border protection. 


Despite Biden’s attempt to insert himself into the good graces of the Border Patrol during the debate with his unfounded assertion, the truth remains crystal clear – the National Border Patrol Union has never endorsed him and has made it abundantly clear that they stand with Trump. This administration’s failure to secure the border has had dire consequences, with a staggering 7.2 million illegal entrants flooding into the country in just a short period. The chaos and suffering caused by Biden’s incompetence are undeniable.

While Biden may try to spin tales of support and achievement, the reality on the ground paints a starkly different picture. The Border Patrol Union’s public rebuke of his claims serves as a glaring reminder of the devastating impact his policies have had on the security and well-being of Americans. As long as Biden continues to prioritize his own political agenda over the safety of the nation, his credibility will remain in tatters.

Written by Staff Reports

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