Why You Shouldn’t Be Impressed By College Degrees Anymore

Once upon a time, a college degree was a ticket to success and a symbol of true education. Today? Not so much. Graduates may have fancy diplomas, but what they really have is a head full of liberal propaganda.

It used to be that universities were bastions of free thought and rigorous debate. Now, they’re indoctrination centers churning out drones who parrot leftist ideology. Critical thinking? Forget it. Today’s graduates are trained to regurgitate whatever their socialist professors tell them.

Take a look at what’s being taught. Instead of focusing on marketable skills or hard sciences, students are majoring in Gender Studies, Marxist Theory, and other subjects that won’t pay the bills. They're taught to see oppression everywhere and to blame capitalism for all the world's ills. Meanwhile, they graduate with mountains of debt and no practical job prospects.

Employers are catching on. They’ve started to realize that a degree doesn’t guarantee a quality hire. Companies are looking for skills and work ethic, not a piece of paper. They want people who can think for themselves, solve problems, and contribute to the bottom line – qualities that modern colleges often fail to instill.

Written by Staff Reports

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