BREAKING: Hunter Biden Data Drop Spells Trouble For Biden Crime Family

A data bombshell signals the end of the Biden family crime family.

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We are all aware of the Biden family's extremely shady business dealings in politics and finance. However, it seems as though there is more and more proof against them now.

Republican news briefs With the news that a former business associate is prepared to testify against the fixer of the Biden Family crime syndicate, putting the First Son, Hunter Biden, in the hot seat, Congress will receive thousands of new call recordings, text messages, photos, and emails that could be used to launch an investigation if Republicans take control of the US House.

Republican Oversight Committee member James Comer plans to undertake a thorough inquiry of Biden's business affairs in the upcoming months.

If there are accusations of money laundering, unlawful foreign lobbying, and firearms violations in that case, Joe Biden may even become involved.

Whether Hunter Biden will serve jail time has been the subject of some discussion.

Reports from Townhall. In the absence of any responsibility from President Joe Biden or his family, Senator Chuck Grassley and his staff have been conducting a thorough investigation into the Biden family's business transactions and influence peddling. As the federal government appears to be taking their time acting on the material they have gathered while investigating Hunter Biden and James Biden, they have also maintained pressure on them to do their jobs.

Chuck Grassly tweeted:

Joe and Hunter Biden must answer for the crimes they committed against the United States. The fact that they wield so much power and engage in so many backroom dealings demonstrates that they have never had America's best interests in mind, only their own greed. Congress needs to look into Hunter's cell phone and laptop that were found, and the criminal organization has to be made public. As Americans, it is our right to know the truth, and corruption ought to be eliminated.

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