BREAKING: Major Union Refuses to Endorse Biden in 2024 Bid Due to EV Push

Another distressing moment for the Democratic Party occurred this week when the UAW, which is a crucial constituent of President Biden, did not fully support him for re-election. Their hesitation was mainly due to his push for the development of electric cars and his failure to address the concerns of workers.

In an internal memo, Shawn Fain, the UAW's president, warned that the federal government's funding of the electric vehicle industry could lead to a race to the bottom. He stated that the government doesn't have the necessary commitment to workers.

This memo explains how the rapid emergence and evolution of electric vehicles has affected the lives of our members. It highlights how these changes have forced many of them to choose between relocating to other areas or taking a buyout or retiring. The memo also shows how some of Mr. Biden's environmental policies could weaken his support among this group.

The U.A.W. has around 400,000 active members. Michigan is a crucial state for Democrats, and the organization has a presence there.

This comes after Biden unveiled the most ambitious climate regulation yet, which aims to increase the number of electric cars by 2032. However, this proposal could have a negative impact on the lives of workers due to how it requires fewer people to build electric cars. Union leaders met with Biden officials in Washington last Thursday to discuss the issue.

It's not yet clear if the Democratic Party's other key constituencies will eventually join the UAW in opposing Biden's policies on climate change and the development of electric cars. Although Biden was able to secure the endorsements of other unions after he announced his re-election bid earlier this week, it is clear that this issue is not a relatively minor one for the organization. Instead, the UAW is focused on finding a political program that will deliver on the concerns of working people.

The message to the president is clear: American workers are not going to be left behind when the country moves toward an electric-powered economy.

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