BREAKING – Teachers In THIS State Can Now Carry Guns In Classrooms

According to The DailyWire, a regulation in the state of Ohio that allows teachers to carry guns into the classroom has recently been put into effect.

House Bill 99, the legislation that became law on Monday and was signed into effect in June, gives faculty and staff members the ability to carry guns on campus after completing 24 hours of training initially and eight more hours of training annually.

It is ultimately up to the individual school boards in each district to decide whether or not it is permissible for teachers to bring firearms onto school grounds.

In spite of a recently passed regulation in the state that was intended to improve school safety, a number of school districts across the state have already taken action to prohibit the practice on their respective campuses. The Akron Public Schools and the Beachwood City Schools are two of the entities who have voiced their opposition to the new law.

The Cleveland Municipal School Board has decided to go against the new law that was recently passed. Schools in the greater Cincinnati area have likewise made the announcement that they will not be permitting armed teachers.

The legislation intends to provide more choices for local schools to protect students, teachers, and staff in the wake of an increase in the number of shootings that take place in schools, despite the fact that some school districts have chosen not to participate.

After a school shooting in May in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary School, several policies aimed at improving school safety have been proposed on a national level.

The legislation in Ohio is a response to a fatal school shooting that occurred in 2016, in which a teenager aged only 14 opened fire on his fellow classmates in the school cafeteria.

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