Kamala Harris Is DELUSIONAL In Shocking NBC Interview

The Democratic Party and its media supporters try to portray themselves as having a smart and nuanced view of the country, but their main point is that until we regulate American political institutions and mechanisms, none of them are legitimate or legal.

laws passed by the Supreme Court, "norms," etc. To them, everything is significant.

Everything is a sham while the GOP is in charge.

In a Sunday interview with Chuck Todd, almost all of Kamala Harris' comments demonstrated this dynamic. She believed that all issues should be subject to the filibuster rule, except for Democratic objectives.

Todd asked if she would be content if her two attempts permanently removed the legislative filibuster. Harris objected.

According to her, the nation needs a leader who would "speak up and raise the red flag" in regards to individuals "who are right now vibrantly not defending our democracy." Democrats who actively backed and encouraged Republican congressional primary candidates with an eye on the 2020 election were granted an exemption, according to her.

Todd questioned whether she would be okay if the Democratic Party and other groups spent money on advertisements to support candidates who were opposed to elections in party primaries.

Harris: "I’m not going to teach others how to run their campaigns, Chuck.”

She undermined our highest court by implying that the judges were influenced by politics after claiming to be committed to demonstrating to the world America's commitment to "democratic values, rule of law, and human rights."

He asked if she believed the rulings of the Supreme Court.

 “I think this is an activist court.”, Harris stated.

"When we govern, it's right, it's just, and everyone must embrace it," said Harris and every other Democrat leader. Everything  is wrong, invalid, and against the law whenever it is not us doing it.”

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