Bridge Bust: Biden Admin Fails Baltimore, Risking National Security

President Biden’s administration is stumbling in its response to the collapsed bridge in Baltimore, despite the initial strong promises made to the public. As the situation unfolds, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the federal government is fumbling to provide quick and transparent answers.

The Department of Transportation has been evasive when questioned about the National Defense Reserve Fleet and the number of ships stuck in the harbor. The agency has failed to expediently address inquiries from Breitbart News, leaving many crucial details unresolved.

According to inventory lists, there are 90 ships in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, with 53 assigned to the Ready Reserve Force. Shockingly, six of these ships are stranded in Baltimore, causing significant disruption. The lack of decisive action from the administration is alarming, especially given the potential implications for national security.

Deputy Coast Guard Commandant Peter Gautier confirmed that multiple ships, including foreign-flagged vessels and Maritime Administration ships, are trapped in the port. This poses a significant risk in the event of a conflict, as these vessels play a crucial role in supporting military operations.

The delay in addressing this crisis is particularly worrisome, as some of the stuck ships are essential for rapid response and have unmatched speed, making them invaluable in military scenarios. The potential impact on national defense and emergency response cannot be underestimated.

The administration’s failure to provide a clear timeline for reopening the port further exacerbates the situation. With no end in sight for the disruption, the Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s inability to give a definitive timeline is a cause for concern.

In times of crisis, the government’s lack of proactive and effective action is deeply troubling. The consequences of the administration’s mishandling of this critical situation could have far-reaching and detrimental effects on national security and emergency response capabilities.

Written by Staff Reports

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