CBP App Exposed as Biden’s Backdoor to Open Borders

Illegal migrants have once again targeted President Biden's southern border by utilizing the recently-expanded CBP One app. The app's expansion earlier this year has resulted in more than 99 percent of migrants who seek exceptions to the Title 42 public health order during the COVID era being granted approval. This order permits officials to expel migrants from the United States rapidly. However, with the help of the app, illegal migrants can upload their information and arrange an appointment at a port of entry to request an exception to the order before it expires next month.

The Biden Administration claims that the app has established a secure and compassionate approach at the southern border, discouraging illegal immigration between ports. Despite this, the app has faced opposition from both Republicans and Democrats and encountered several technological difficulties since its introduction. Robert Law, a former Trump DHS official, believes that the app was established to create the impression that the Biden Administration is taking steps to reduce border numbers. However, in reality, it has only resulted in more complications and uncertainty for migrants.

As Lawrence mentioned, the app has been labeled a "welcome mat" for illegal migrants, although it doesn't serve as a barrier to prevent entry into the country. This lack of security at the borders persists as a problem, and 35 Democrats have appealed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to address the significant issues of fairness and accessibility that migrants encounter while using the app. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) has called on the DHS to discontinue the CBP One app without delay.

Only a tiny fraction of migrants using the app have been denied, and those who are approved receive a notice to appear and are placed in the Title 8 removal process, which has longer processing times compared to the Title 42 policy. This approach enables illegal migrants to reside freely in the United States until they receive further notice. The Biden Administration should cease providing an effortless path for illegal migrants to enter the country continuously. The southern border must be regulated to safeguard American citizens and maintain the rule of law.

Written by Staff Reports

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