Chilling Warning: ISIS-K Could Strike US Interests Within Months

On Thursday, General Michael Kurilla, a commander from the CENTCOM, gave a chilling assessment to the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding the future intentions of the terror group ISIS-Khorasan. The military leader warned lawmakers that ISIS-K could carry out an external operation against US or Western interests outside of Afghanistan in under six months with little to no warning. However, he did clarify that it would be much more difficult for them to target the US itself. General Kurilla’s remarks came in response to Republican Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska who asked how long it would take for ISIS-K to carry out external operations outside of Afghanistan.

The warning from the General comes just weeks after the terrorist group was responsible for the attack on U.S. service members at Hamid Karzai International Airport, as the Afghanistan withdrawal descended into chaos. Kurilla explained that ISIS-Khorasan has taken advantage of the leadership situation in Afghanistan, making it easier for them to grow emboldened and expand their ranks. He also warned that the group is actively seeking to inspire, enable, and direct more attacks in the region and beyond, with a long-term goal of attacking the American homeland.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina took to Twitter to share his thoughts on General Kurilla’s remarks. The senator noted that the US must take this warning seriously since the branch of the Islamic State operating in Afghanistan, ISIS-K, could strike US interests at home and abroad in just a matter of months. This news indicates the severity of the situation since it is clear that the terrorist group is growing bolder and more invasive, posing a significant threat to freedom and democracy everywhere.

In the closed door session that followed, General Kurilla gave further details to the lawmakers to explain his assessment in more detail. It is evident that the terrorist group is using the current situation in Afghanistan to strengthen its position and increase its capabilities. As Americans, we must stand strong and vigilant against the continued threat of ISIS-K, who have clearly demonstrated their intentions to strike against us and our interests. The military leaders, the lawmakers, and the American people must remain alert and proactive in the fight against terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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