China Buying Up U.S. Farmland Near Military Bases: Biden Admin Asleep at the Wheel?

In what can only be described as a page torn out of a dystopian novel, a recent report has unveiled that Chinese entities have been quietly buying up American farmland around 19 military bases. It’s as if Chairman Mao himself decided to play an elaborate game of Monopoly with Uncle Sam’s backyard. But hey, who’s watching the shop? Certainly not the Biden administration.

While the folks in D.C. are busy arguing over pronouns and plastic straws, our farmland is being gobbled up by entities from a country that generously gave the world COVID-19. One might think securing the homeland would involve, well, securing the homeland, but apparently, allowing foreign corporations to sidle up to military installations is just another day in the office for the current leadership.

Imagine if John Wayne stepped onto one of those classic movie sets, only to find out half the town had been bought out by the CCP. The Duke would be rolling in his grave with enough momentum to power a small village. Yet here we are, in 2023, and it seems the only thing rolling over in Washington are the politicians playing dead on this issue.

To be fair, maybe the administration has a grand strategy. Perhaps it’s hoping the bamboo curtain of secrecy around these purchases will confuse any potential adversaries. Smoke and mirrors, folks, with a side of strategic farmland sales. Somehow, phrases like “property rights” and “national security” seem to have lost their luster in this grand game of geopolitical twister the current leadership seems so fond of.

It’s high time Americans start asking why farmland around critical military bases has turned into a global real estate free-for-all. Because if we don’t, we might just wake up one day to find our missile silos framed by landscapes curated by Beijing’s finest. And wouldn’t that be a picture-perfect moment of irony?

Written by Staff Reports

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