Rep. Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Undergo Drug Tests Before Debates

Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas has lit a fire under President Joe Biden with a demand that he take a drug test before and after any debate with former President Donald Trump. Republicans have long suspected that Biden might be relying on some magical elixirs to seem more spry, a claim that the White House vehemently denies. But Jackson, a former White House doctor, took things up a notch on a recent appearance on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures.

Jackson is sending a letter to President Biden and his physician, Doctor O’Connor, with a CC to the entire Cabinet. Forced to resort to this rather cringe-worthy measure, Jackson doesn’t mince words on his reasoning. He’s voicing the concerns of millions of Americans who find it hard to believe the Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation of Biden from his daily sluggish self to his more coherent State of the Union persona.

And Jackson isn’t pulling punches with his speculations. He insists that Biden’s debate prep will likely involve a mad science lab experiment with dosages to fine-tune his cognitive clarity. The good doctor points out the suspiciously extensive debate preparation at Camp David, hinting that it might be more about experimenting with meds than polishing debate points. According to Jackson, these “treatments” would help Biden stay awake, think clearer, and maybe even reduce his frequent episodes of agitation – a symptom Jackson believes points to an underlying cognitive disorder.

Per usual, President Biden’s team has avoided diving into the specifics of these allegations. But former President Trump has openly marveled about Biden’s seemingly pharmaceutical edge since the 2020 campaign. At the Minnesota Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Trump whimsically noted that Biden was “so jacked up” during the debate and “high as a kite” during his State of the Union Address.

As history repeats itself, the Biden camp sticks to its script, denying any use of performance-enhancing drugs. In April, Biden’s campaign spokesman, Ammar Moussa, dismissed Trump’s pointed accusations as “a bizarre outburst” aimed at diverting attention from policy matters. However, you can’t help but notice that the louder they deny, the more people question. If the Biden team thinks this issue will disappear, they might be in for a rude awakening.

Written by Staff Reports

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