China Sends Aircraft Carrier to Threaten US Interests In Taiwan

China Has Just Deployed Their Aircraft Carrier Near Taiwan and Taiwan’s Defense Ministry Is Tightly Watching Their Every Move

Amidst the anticipation of the meeting between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen on Wednesday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday that China has positioned their aircraft carrier group along the southeast coast of Taiwan. This highly suspect move was deemed as a threat to Taiwan’s security and sovereignty, prompting Taiwan’s Defense Ministry to keep a watchful eye on China’s every move.

The planned meeting between President Tsai and House Speaker McCarthy was supposed to facilitate diplomatic relations between the two countries, which has become an issue with China. McCarthy’s decision to avoid visiting Taiwan in person was solely to avoid instigating any further aggression from China. Last year, China had warned of unspecified retaliation when McCarthy’s predecessor visited Taiwan.

As a communist country, China has continued to claim that Taiwan is an integral part of their country and, therefore, subject to their laws and governance. Taiwan, on the other hand, values its democratic rule and independence. With this in mind, Taiwan has tightened its security measures to defend their sovereignty amidst foreign provocations.

Earlier this year, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taipei to show support for democracy. However, China saw this visit as a violation of their sovereignty and denounced it. Now, with McCarthy’s planned visit, China continues to oppose any contact between US officials and Taiwan.

China’s deployed transit coincides with the growing tensions between the United States and China. The Pentagon, however, has yet to see any clear indication that China has deviated from their actions of sending fighter jets and ships into Taiwanese airspace, indicating aggression towards Taiwan.

With China’s deployment of their aircraft carrier, Taiwan has released photos to increase awareness of the matter. The Chinese government has been silent regarding the matter. The conservative stance on this issue is that China’s actions have the potential to harm Taiwan’s sovereignty and that it is essential to bolster US-Taiwan relations to avoid further aggression from China.

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