China’s Communist Government Sees an Opening

President Joe Biden has been on the radar of China's communist officials. People have witnessed his pitiful and pointless responses to Russia and the conflict in Ukraine. They saw the weak president come back from Afghanistan and forget to evacuate certain people.

They have seen one group after another challenge American power, knowing that Vice President Biden will do nothing to stop them. The Chinese government is optimistic that the time is right to launch a devastating attack on Taiwan in an effort to coerce the island's leaders into accepting Chinese rule.

The communist government has informed the world that it will increase military drills in the area around Taiwan. Their goal is to cause enough trouble with transportation to hurt international trade.

Chinese anti-submarine maneuvers have reportedly been aimed at American supply routes. Once they decide to invade and conquer the island for themselves, they want to be able to immediately stop any aid from reaching the island.

Taiwan is geographically near to the mainland. In China, Xi Jinping is the current dictator. And he considers the island to be an integral part of his nation. In 1949, after a bloody civil war, the little island finally gained its independence. However, Xi Jinping is prepared to resort to any means necessary in order to stifle the will of the people. A democracy on the communist country's border is intolerable to him.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told Newsbreak that China will firmly safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, firmly deter the U.S. from comprising China with the Taiwan issue, and resolutely shatter the illusion of independence that the Taiwan authorities have been cultivating by relying on the U.S.

He assured the international community that China would resort to all means necessary to restore dictatorial rule in Taiwan. As a result, the population will lose its independence and be subjected to a regime notorious for genocide and other abuses of human rights.

It is difficult to gauge public opinion in China because the country forbids conducting such polls, as reported by Newsbreak. Though it often favors the government and its ambitions to reestablish China's former dominant role in the area, which pits it against the United States and its allies, notably Japan and Australia, it is often slanted in favor of the government.

All news and political commentary is stifled by the repressive central authority. Only approved news stories and media content make it to the public. It is a goal of communist authorities to make the public believe that everyone is content despite the dire circumstances.

It has been stated by the government of Taiwan that a total of 66 planes and 14 warships have been conducting military exercises in the area around the island. However, they are willing to physically prevent access to the island and intimidate those attempting to enter or exit.

Chinese troops have pinpointed civilian and military targets in Taiwan to ensure maximum effect from their attacks. If any country attempted to use force against the people of China, Xi Jinping would be in serious trouble. It's safe to assume that his response will involve some form of vengeance.

Taiwan's current leader is Tsai Ing-wen. In the event of an invasion by China, he is pleading with his supporters to protect his people's freedom and stand in the gap to prevent a genocide.

As long as drowsy Joe Biden is in office, China will miss its window of opportunity. His international power is negligible, and his diplomatic efforts are comical. This gives China confidence that it can follow through on its threats. They are aware that the grandfather will not risk a battle on such a small island.

Almost everyone in the area is on edge about the potential for war. The authorities of Australia are appealing for calm and asking people to take a deep breath.

If a Republican had been president, China never would have staged military drills. If they had a president with conservative beliefs, they know he or she would have interfered and offered them several things to consider before attacking. Unfortunately for Trump, Vice President Biden is vulnerable, and eastern powers recognize that now is their chance to move before the old guy is pushed out of office.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Morning Pundit News.

Written by Staff Reports

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