Climate Activists Throw Flour On A BMW That Was Painted By Andy Warhol

Flour was thrown at a sports vehicle painted by Andy Warhol in 1979 as a form of protest by angry Milan, Italy, residents on Friday.This is only the latest example of a growing tendency among climate change activists of Generation Z to throw food at artwork at museums and galleries.

Tomato soup was thrown at a van Gogh and mashed potatoes were put on a Monet by two climate change demonstrators. For environmental reasons, someone threw a cake at the Mona Lisa, while others splashed milk on the floors of establishments.

Each piece of art was saved because it was housed behind glass.

According to Reuters, this time members of Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) dusted Warhol's BMW Art Car with flour to make it appear like it was blanketed in snow.

The website for Ultima Generazione states that the organisation engages in acts of civil disobedience in order to pressure government officials into taking immediate and tangible measures to prevent the ecological and climatic collapse.

The gang vandalised the sports automobile when climate negotiations were taking place in Egypt.

The United Nations' negotiators have agreed to provide "reparations" to developing countries, but they have not yet determined how this money would be distributed. A financial contribution was not automatically expected from China, the world's second-largest economy and the biggest polluter.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

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