The Biden Family Business To Be Investigated By GOP

House Republicans are focusing on one of the most pervasive instances of political corruption in America now, rather than waiting for their majority in the 118th Congress. The new House majority already has Hunter Biden on its radar.

Representative James Comer (R-Ky.), who will shortly chair the House Oversight Committee, revealed the GOP-led investigation into Hunter Biden's business transactions at a news conference on Thursday. While Americans are suffering from excessive energy prices, Comer said that the president and first son are complicit in a plot to dispose of the country's most precious natural resource.

By informing the president that he is the main focus of the probe, Comer sidestepped Joe Biden's presumptive congratulations to House Republicans on winning a majority. The Kentucky Republican claimed to have proof that the older Biden used his position in government as a doorman to support his family's business endeavours at the cost of American tax payers.

Comer said that the future Congress will uncover any unlawful use of the positions Joe Biden used to benefit his family. Republicans, according to the newly elected oversight chairman, have identified at least 50 nations where the Biden family conducted business, with Hunter Biden serving as the operation's go-between.

Comer said that the Bidens had plans to do business with accused human traffickers as well as sell one of the biggest supplies of colbalt in the world to the Chinese Communist Party. At least 150 suspicious activity reports involving these transactions have been filed with American banks. The investigation will pay particular attention to how closely connected to the deep state the Biden family is.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who would be the next chairman of the judiciary committee, promised that the executive branch will be held responsible for protecting friends and smearing rivals.

When the 118th Congress is inaugurated in in January, the investigation's execution is anticipated to commence.

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