Climate Alarmists Lose Again: No Hurricanes At Peak Season

Alarmists say human activity causes extreme weather.

Carbon dioxide supposedly causes stronger hurricanes.

This hurricane season's Atlantic activity is low.

This time of year there should be eight tropical storms, yet there have only been five.

No hurricanes.


The Atlantic has experienced five named storms, which is close to "normal" based on climatological averages from 1991 to 2020. The Atlantic normally has eight named tropical storms and hurricanes by now.

Accumulated Cyclone Energy measures the duration and severity of storms. By this measure, the 2022 season is worth 29.6, less than half of the typical value until Saturday, 60.3.

At the peak of hurricane season, nothing is happening. Although the Atlantic season begins on June 1, it starts slowly, with maybe a storm here and there in June and a tranquil July before August's deep tropics. About half of all activity happens in the 14 weeks before September 10, and the rest spin up before the end of October.

Hurricane season isn't done, but events aren't as predicted.

Half of hurricane activity happens in the first 14 weeks and the other half in the following 7 weeks.


According to records dating back to 1851, the Atlantic sees the most named storms around September 10th.

Half of hurricane season activity happens in the 14 weeks before today and half in the 7 weeks after, with 95% by the end of October.

While it's abnormally quiet today, the season is far from done, especially in South Florida, where hurricane risks are highest in October. One bad hurricane can ruin a season.

How many erroneous predictions till they acknowledge it?

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