Obama Steps Up to Aid Biden as Trump Rematch Looms

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly getting twitchy about President Joe Biden’s shot at reelection, so much so that he’s diving headfirst into the Biden campaign, according to sources blabbing to New York Magazine. The news of Obama’s “increased involvement” comes as the realization sinks in for Biden’s crew that they’re gearing up to face off against former President Donald Trump in what could shape up to be a monumental rematch.

With Trump holding solid odds of pulling off one of the most remarkable comebacks in modern American political history, as per an Economist model, and a hefty 73 percent of voters believing Biden is past his presidential prime, according to a New York Times/Siena College survey, it’s no wonder Obama is busting out his old campaign hat to lend a hand.

From whisperings in the political grapevine, it seems Obama is playing consultant extraordinaire to Biden’s campaign chair, co-piloting digital budget strategies, rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites for PR purposes, and flexing his fundraising muscles for the president. The ex-president is apparently deep in the mix with Biden’s brain trust, swapping ideas and strategies to target those crucial young and Black voters that Biden needs to secure.

Despite the hush-hush of potential Democratic jitters, Obama is suiting up for his role as Biden’s chief cheerleader in the upcoming showdown, amping up the fundraising game and starring in campaign events alongside A-listers like George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Rumors of Obama slyly nudging Biden off stage at a fundraiser were quickly shot down by the White House as a “cheap fake,” dismissing any notion that the ex-president might be playing a mischievous hand in Biden’s public appearances.

As the political pot simmers and the stakes grow higher, Obama’s strategic guidance could be a make-or-break factor for Biden as he gears up for the battle ahead. With Trump looming on the horizon, Obama’s involvement in the Biden campaign is poised to be a linchpin in the fight to defend their shared legacy and stave off a potential return to the Trump era.

Written by Staff Reports

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