CNN Rebukes Biden Over Poll Criticism, Exposes Hypocrisy

CNN, a known supporter of the Biden administration, surprisingly pushed back against President Biden’s recent criticism of their polls. Biden, who has been facing unfavorable poll results, has been dismissive of the surveys, claiming they are inaccurate or rigged. However, CNN was quick to remind Biden that he had no issues with polls in 2020 when they showed him ahead of former President Donald Trump. This inconsistency highlights Biden’s selective acceptance of polling data, only embracing it when it benefits him.

I must point out the hypocrisy displayed by Biden in his attitude towards polls. When the numbers are in his favor, he has no problem touting them as accurate. But as soon as the tide turns against him, he dismisses the same polls he once praised. This behavior reflects a lack of transparency and integrity on the part of the President, raising questions about his trustworthiness.

CNN’s data analyst, Harry Enten, emphasized the volatility of polls and how they can change over time. It is crucial to recognize that polling data is not set in stone and can fluctuate leading up to an election. While Biden may be facing challenges in current polls, there is still time for the numbers to shift. However, the consistent downward trend in Biden’s approval ratings cannot be ignored, indicating a growing dissatisfaction among the American people.

The Biden administration’s attempts to deflect blame for his declining popularity onto external factors like COVID and Russia are misleading. Ultimately, it is Biden’s policies, leadership, and decisions that have contributed to his diminishing support among voters. It is essential for elected officials to take responsibility for their actions and address the concerns of the public instead of making excuses.

The Biden administration’s response to the polling data reflects a sense of desperation and denial. As a conservative writer, I believe it is crucial for leaders to acknowledge public sentiment honestly and work towards regaining trust and confidence. Ignoring unfavorable polls or casting doubt on their validity only further erodes the credibility of the President and his administration. Voters deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials, regardless of political affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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