Comedian exposes corrupt “digital Democrats” brainwashing young voters

Comedian Tim Dillon has unveiled shocking evidence exposing the dishonest tactics of two paid Biden influencers Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey, who operate under the guise of “digital Democrats.” In a recent podcast episode, these young Democrat shills confessed to struggling to create content that is both captivating and holds the Democrats accountable for their actions.

Mowrey went on to admit that criticizing Democrats was risky business with potential consequences, as he had lost followers after calling out Hakeem Jeffries. This once again proves that the Democrats do not take kindly to any dissent within their ranks.

However, in a desperate plea to win favor from those on the opposite side of the spectrum, Mowrey expressed their desire to reach out to conservatives. It is worth noting that it’s not just conservatives who are fed up with the Democrats. Democrats themselves have started to admit their party’s ineptitude. Even Mowrey himself believed that “Democrats, they’re horrible at their jobs.”

Nevertheless, despite their dissatisfaction, they will continue to vote for the Democrats. This underscores the depravity of the Democratic Party and showcases their stranglehold on those who buy into their propaganda. It is the same strategy they use to ensnare their ever-growing voter base who are blinded to the Democrats’ sinister agenda.

Dillon bravely exposes the level of brainwashing and manipulation and says what everyone on the right has known for months: “These types of influencers are paid shills used by the Democrats to sway the public opinion.”

It’s not just the left who are using these types of shady tactics to push their narrative. It’s time for conservatives and patriots across America to wake up and take notice of these sad attempts to compromise our electoral process.

Written by Staff Reports

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