GOP Senators RIP Dem’s Smear Campaign Against Clarence Thomas

The Democrats have once again launched an attack on the Supreme Court, this time using the Senate Judiciary Committee as their weapon. They’ve been hurling false accusations of ethics violations at Justice Clarence Thomas for weeks now, hoping to undermine his credibility and that of the entire Supreme Court.

But the Republicans on the Committee, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and John Kennedy, were not going to tolerate this assault on one of America’s most beloved conservative justices. Cruz took the opportunity to remind everyone about the left’s long history of bigotry against Justice Thomas; a man who has fought tooth and nail for his place in the Supreme Court.

Mike Lee followed suit, issuing a stern warning to his Democratic counterparts. He warned that their continued attacks on the Court’s legitimacy would have consequences, especially as they cherry-pick and twist the facts to fit their own left-leaning ideology.

Senator Kennedy didn’t hold back either, calling out Democrats for accusing conservative Supreme Court Justices of taking bribes. He rejected their accusations outright, pointing out that these types of baseless accusations only serve to polarize the American people and question the Court’s legitimacy.

However, it’s not just Justice Thomas who’s under attack by the Democrats. The irony is that they’re talking about ethics reform, something they desperately need themselves. Not only do they have a pile of their own ethics issues to sift through, but they’re also engaging in a smear campaign against a Supreme Court Justice, proving their own impropriety and lack of ethics.

In the end, Republicans are reminding Democrats that the Constitution is not something to be trifled with. The Supreme Court is an essential element of this document, and any attempt to undermine its authority should be dealt with accordingly. The Judiciary Committee hearing is just another example of the left’s attempt to politicize and weaponize the Court for their own political purposes. Luckily, they’re facing a determined group of conservatives who will not let their cheap shots and false accusations go unanswered.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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