Conservative Group Launches ‘Woke Alerts’ For Woke Brands

Conservative group Consumers’ Research has launched a campaign to alert consumers about brands, which have progressive political stances. They will send out “Woke Alerts” via text message, notifying shoppers in grocery stores, in an effort to stop “woke” corporations from emptying customers’ pockets. The launch of the Woke Alerts campaign comes in the aftermath of beer company Anheuser-Busch, which featured transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney’s image on Bud Light cans, leading to widespread backlash. Shockingly, Jack Daniels has also been added to the organization’s list of Woke Alert-brands for featuring drag queens in ads.

Consumers’ Research executive director, Will Hild explained that “Woke Alerts” have been introduced to assist consumers in making better-informed purchasing decisions about where to spend their cash. He believes that companies should concentrate on their customers, and not on “woke” politicians or progressive activists. To promote the Woke Alerts service, the organization has set up a six-figure ad campaign. The campaign has already identified companies like Bud Light and Jack Daniels on its Woke Alert list.

The fallout with the Anheuser-Busch debacle has seen Kid Rock and Travis Tritt taking firm stances against the beer company. Disappointingly, the Republican Party has expressed concern about progressive politics in advertising, threatening to hold hearings about corporations promoting progressive political propaganda in their branding. Consumers’ Research supplied around 30 pages of information to the GOP for use in their hearings on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movements.

In the meantime, the brands have remained quiet, refusing to comment on the Woke Alerts service. Consumers’ Research aims to disrupt consumer spending on brands that promote progressive politics, messaging, or support causes such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ equality or eco-activism. The conservative organization believes that customers should be informed of their spending choices to encourage them to decide how and where their money is spent. Customers can avoid wasting their money by avoiding the products of “woke” corporations, opening up the market to conservative-minded alternatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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