Conservatives Explain Why Democrats Should Be Terrified of Trump

According to Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, Democrats are scared that Donald Trump will go back to the White House due to his charge that the Russia investigation is a witch hunt. He said that he would let the truth come out as he fights against corruption in Washington.

As a result of the grand jury in New York deciding to indict Donald Trump, Van Drew, who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, discussed the situation with Matthew Boyle, the head of the Washington Bureau of Breitbart News. According to Van Drew, the district attorney for Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, received money from George Soros, a socialist businessman.

Jeff Van Drew, who left the Democratic Party to protest against Donald Trump's impeachment, said that the Democrats are scared about what the president might do if he's re-elected.

During an interview with the conservative news outlet, Van Drew said that the Democrats are suffering from a sickness. He cited various issues, such as the Russia investigation and the Ukraine situation, which they can't stop.

He said that the Democrats are afraid of Trump due to his statements about the investigation and his plans to fight against corruption in Washington. He said that if he is re-elected, he would reveal the truth about the country's capital.

Van Drew referred to Bragg as a half-assed district attorney. He is currently pursuing Trump for what he considers to be a misdemeanor.

While New York City is unsafe, Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey criticized Bragg for pursuing Trump.

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