Racist MSNBC Host Celebrates Black DA Indicting Trump: Proof of Media’s Leftist Agenda

On Tuesday, the left-leaning media once again embarrassed themselves by promoting their Democrat-loving agenda over the truth. Specifically, MSNBC host Joy Reed could barely contain her glee over the news that Donald Trump was indicted by a black man as part of the ongoing “hush money” witch hunt against him.

During her poorly rated show, Reed smugly remarked on the supposed “irony” that a black DA is indicting Trump. Joy gleefully commented on the absurdity of the situation, going so far as to say that it’s “karmic” for Trump to face the consequences of his actions from a person of color.

As is typical of those on the left, Reed seemed to be celebrating the indictment more because of the race of the person behind it rather than the validity or necessity of the legal action itself. Her deeply-rooted racism oozed out for all to see.

Once again, it’s necessary to point out that the left-leaning media is allowing their hatred of our president, and their misguided views on race, to shape what they imply to their audiences. Rather than acting with objectivity and professionalism, they appear to go all-out in their attempt to discredit anything the president does.

Thankfully, in opposition to these grotesque displays, social media erupted with a wave of criticism against Reed’s blatant racism. One can only hope that she, her blindly anti-Trump colleagues, the Democrats in Congress, and the leftist media start acting with some semblance of dignity and fairness.

Written by Staff Reports

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