Cori Bush Falls for Parody Rabbi in Embarrassing Social Media Prank

The day’s news, filled with its usual serious and often disheartening tone, took a delightful turn with a story that could only elicit a good chuckle. This time, it involved a member of the infamous socialist “Squad” falling victim to a prank that added a generous dash of schadenfreude.

Cori Bush, representing Missouri in the Squad, found herself ensnared by a fake rabbi running a parody anti-Israel account on social media. The parody account, masquerading as the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza,” managed to deceive Bush’s team into entertaining the idea of collaborating on a fundraiser, boasting about potential events with the fictitious rabbi.

Despite clear indicators that the account was a parody, such as its outlandish claims and anti-Israel stance, Bush’s campaign appeared oblivious to the ruse. The lack of discernment displayed here speaks volumes about the lack of critical thinking skills within the Squad member’s political circle.

In a bizarre turn of events, the fake rabbi proposed holding the fundraiser near the Gaza border, with a theme centered around “the morality” of the intifada and discussing a “final solution to the problem of Zionism.” The fact that these red flags went unnoticed by Bush’s team is a testament to their lack of basic knowledge or research skills.

The impending primary election battle between Cori Bush and challenger Wesley Bell paints a hopeful picture for those looking to see a change in leadership. With Bell currently polling ahead of Bush in this Democratic stronghold, there’s a chance for a fresh face to emerge. While it’s rare to root for a Democrat, in this case, unseating Bush and her apparent ignorance would be a victory worth celebrating. Let’s hope Wesley Bell can clinch the nomination and end Bush’s antics in Congress.

Written by Staff Reports

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