Democrats Panic as Biden Struggles, Mull Harris as Replacement

Leading Democrats are finally admitting what everyone else has known for a while: President Biden is struggling. With just days to prove he’s up to the task of taking on former President Donald Trump in November, prominent Democrats are hitting the panic button. It’s almost as if Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week was the last nail in the coffin.

On a private leadership call, some high-ranking House Democrats voiced a desire to switch Biden out for Kamala Harris. Yes, that’s right—the same Kamala Harris whose poll numbers are more likely to be mistaken for a bad credit score. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

There’s rumbling on the Hill as more congressional Democrats are urging Biden to drop out. The pressure is mounting, with some lawmakers generously giving him a week to convince the country he can defeat Trump, despite polls showing the former president pulling ahead. It’s the political equivalent of trying to squeeze juice from a stone.

Senator Christopher Murphy took to CNN to emphasize that Biden needs to show he’s still got the chops, without the safety net of teleprompters or pre-scripted events. He has a point—voters need to see Biden can handle a full term without needing an afternoon nap every two hours. Murphy hinted that Biden better show something substantial, or else it’s decision time.

Democrats tried to put on a brave face as Biden did an ABC News interview in an attempt to show life. The results were less than stellar. Biden admitted his debate flop was his fault but struggled to remember if he watched a replay of it. Additionally, he sidestepped questions about mental lapses and still won’t release the results of a cognitive test. The interview only fueled more doubts about whether he’s fit for another term.

California’s Adam Schiff appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to express concerns about Biden’s performance. Schiff pointed out that Biden should be easily beating Trump, yet here we are. Schiff waltzed around questions about replacing Biden, essentially saying Joe will do the “right thing,” whatever that means. This political tap dance isn’t exactly boosting confidence within their own ranks.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries organized a Sunday call where several prominent Democrats suggested Biden should bow out. Among them were the ranking Democrats of four major House committees. They’re joining a growing chorus, currently at nine strong, preparing to voice their discontent when Congress returns from recess. That number’s likely to increase, especially with the Independence Day holiday hangover setting in.

Then there’s the bizarre twist of Biden’s holiday weekend marathon, where he tried to prove he’s still relevant. From Wisconsin to Philadelphia, Biden could be found addressing crowds with the occasional gaffe thrown in for good measure. Confusing the election date and claiming Philadelphia “got him across the line” for a Senate race, Biden’s speeches were a treasure trove for the RNC’s social media team.

With campaign staff allegedly scripting Biden’s appearances down to the smallest detail—and even handing local radio hosts questions to ask—Democrats are on high alert. An Axios leak even showed images produced to help Biden navigate public events, like a nursery rhyme for political toddlers.

Former Rep. Tim Ryan predicted that the pressure will only increase as lawmakers return from recess. They’re right to be nervous with Biden’s approval ratings as buoyant as a lead balloon. Leader Jeffries, a phenomenal leader according to Ryan, will need more than a Hail Mary to fix this fiasco.

So there you have it, folks. Democrats are in disarray, scrambling to find someone who can take on Trump. With Biden’s future on the line and the clock ticking, it’s doubtful that even a week’s worth of spin can turn this around. America deserves better, and it looks like some Democrats are finally waking up to that reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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