Cornell Professor Backtracks After Applauding Hamas Attacks: Sincere or Sly?

Cornell University professor, Russell Rickford, is in hot water after expressing his exhilaration at Hamas’s savage attacks on Israel and its civilians. In a written statement published in the Cornell Daily Sun, Rickford apologized for his “reprehensible” choice of words. However, his apology lacks sincerity and is filled with backhanded apologies and excuses. It is clear that when Rickford used the words “exhilarating” and “energizing” to describe the attacks, he was accurately reflecting his true beliefs.

This incident highlights the rampant anti-Semitism that is exploding from the left in America today. Pro-Palestinian protestors are openly calling for the death of Israel and the Jews, and major social justice groups like Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community are showing support for Hamas’s terrorist attacks. It is unacceptable that Rickford is getting a pass for his hateful remarks just because he is a minority and aligns with the Democrat cult. If the roles were reversed and it was a conservative white man making similar comments, he would face severe consequences and public outrage.

Cornell should have immediately terminated Rickford’s employment after this incident. His apology is insincere, and it is clear that he only regrets his words because he got caught. The left’s double standard and support for individuals like Rickford reveal their true colors. They are filled with anti-Semites and racists but refuse to admit it. At RedState, we will never let individuals like Rickford off the hook. We expose them for who they really are and hold them accountable for their hateful rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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