Shocking Untruth: Washington Post Whitewashes Hamas Kidnappings!

The bias and dishonesty of the liberal media is truly mind-boggling. They will go to great lengths to avoid using the appropriate language when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism. In their desperate attempts to sanitize Hamas’ crimes, they resort to using absurd and misleading euphemisms. The recent terror attack carried out by over 1,000 Hamas terrorists on October 7 is a perfect example.

Instead of calling it what it truly was – a brutal and barbaric act of terrorism – the liberal media chose to describe it as a mere “detention.” It’s truly sickening how they downplay the horrifying reality of the situation. At least 200 Israelis were taken hostage, families torn apart, lives forever shattered. But to the liberal media, it’s just another day’s work, another opportunity to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself.

One can only imagine the terror that the Kalderon family experienced that day. The haunting last message from young Erez, warning his mother to be quiet and not move, speaks volumes about the brutality they faced. And yet, the liberal media couldn’t bring themselves to accurately portray their ordeal. Instead, they painted it as part of a heartwarming story about families desperately searching for their loved ones.

But it’s not just their refusal to use the right words that is concerning. The liberal media also has a habit of spreading false information that benefits the terrorists. A recent example of this is their irresponsible reporting on Israel striking a hospital in Gaza. The truth is that it was a misfire by Islamic Jihad, and the death toll was nowhere near the “hundreds” that the media claimed. Yet, they ran with this propaganda, setting off protests and endangering even more lives.

The liberal media’s anti-Israel bias is not only disgraceful, but it also puts innocent lives at risk. It’s time for them to start reporting the truth and stop playing these dangerous games. The world deserves better than their twisted version of reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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