Courts Partially Lift Gag on Trump Ahead of Biden Debate

Another Day, Another Unimaginative Spin by the Leftist Courts. The gag order against Donald Trump, imposed during his hush money criminal trial, has been modified, allowing the former president to speak freely about witnesses and jurors—one small victory in a sea of judicial meddling. The order remains temporarily in place only for those connected to the case until his sentencing on July 11, a calculated move designed to interfere just enough to keep Trump on his toes.

Judge Juan M. Merchan’s strategically timed ruling comes right before Trump’s much-anticipated debate with President Joe Biden, creating the perfect storm. With the gag order partially lifted, Trump can finally address the accusations from his former lawyer Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. Cohen and Daniels, let’s not forget, have been having a field day maligning Trump, and it’s high time he had the opportunity to fire back. 


Trump’s legal team had argued for the complete removal of this political muzzle, asserting that Trump’s First Amendment rights had been trampled on. For months, the gag order served as a handy tool for the left to silence Trump, while Cohen and Daniels relentlessly tarnished his reputation without rebuttal. Now, Trump can finally begin to set the record straight, even if it’s just about a few key “witnesses.”

Predictably, the Manhattan district attorney’s office insisted on preserving the gag order on comments about jurors, court staff, and the prosecution team. One can almost hear the music from “Protect the Narrative” playing in the background. They generously conceded to let Trump speak out now that the trial is over—but only about witnesses, heaven forbid he acknowledges the legal machinery arrayed against him.

Convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records—largely viewed as trumped-up charges—Trump’s case has always been about more than hush money. The left has used this flimsily constructed case to fuel their ongoing vendetta against the former president. Daniels’ claims about a decade-old fling, which Trump staunchly denies, have been the linchpin of an effort to discredit him since 2016. It’s a victory when he can speak up at all, given the deck is perpetually stacked against him.

Written by Staff Reports

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