Obama’s Sister Caught in Tax Protest Turmoil in Kenya

In what might be the most ironic twist of the year, Auma Obama, half-sister of former President Barack Obama, found herself in the thick of chaos during a protest in Nairobi, Kenya. On Monday, she was tear-gassed amidst the turmoil, quite fitting for someone whose family has been the poster child for progressive policies that often backfire.

Kenya is currently embroiled in widespread protests against a new piece of legislation that aims to increase taxes. These protests come as no surprise to those who’ve kept an eye on high-tax policies around the world. The lawmakers in Kenya seem to have taken a page out of the Democrats’ playbook: tax the citizens into oblivion and then act shocked when they rebel. The Associated Press reports that despite the clear disapproval from citizens, the Kenyan lawmakers went ahead and passed the bill. It’s almost as if the will of the people means nothing to them.

Adding more drama to the scene, Auma Obama had a chat with a CNN correspondent during the protest. The conversation quickly turned tear-jerking—literally— as both she and the correspondent were hit with tear gas. Watching Obama struggle to speak while dealing with the stinging aftermath was reminiscent of watching her brother try to defend Obamacare: painful and tragic.

In her stressed state, Obama vocally opposed the tax hikes, highlighting the surreal case of taxing ancestral lands. The argument against taxing ancestral lands wouldn’t sound out of place at a Tea Party rally—if only her brother had taken note back in the day. Following the interview, the CNN correspondent wisely fled the scene as more tear gas filled the air. Yelling and explosions provided the perfect background soundtrack, adding to the already chaotic protest.

On Tuesday, the protests spiraled further out of control. Thousands of Kenyans busted into their parliament building, reminiscent of scenes the mainstream media would love to tie to January 6th stateside. Legislators who had voted for the bill wisely fled via a tunnel while those who stood with the people walked out triumphantly. At least eight deaths were reported as authorities opened fire on demonstrators, and part of the parliament building went up in flames.

This scene of governmental overreach and subsequent public backlash sounds eerily like a warning for America. When politicians ignore the will of the people, unrest isn’t just possible—it’s inevitable. The Associated Press described events in Kenya as “the most direct assault on the government in decades.” One wonders if the progressive-left in America is paying attention or taking notes. For a family that loves the limelight, Auma Obama’s brush with tear gas is a stark reminder that pushing unpopular policies comes with a price—even back home in Kenya.

Written by Staff Reports

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