Declining Support for Biden in Key States Could Pave the Way for Trump Comeback

President Biden's popularity is slipping in crucial states he won in 2020, potentially paving the way for former President Trump's return to the White House. A recent Fox News survey shows Biden and Trump neck and neck among Virginia voters, despite Biden's significant victory in the state last year.

The survey highlights Trump's strong backing from White evangelical Christians, rural voters, and those without a college degree. Meanwhile, Biden's support among Black voters has waned, with Trump's support among Black Americans nearly tripling since the last election.

A Roanoke College poll also finds Trump and Biden evenly matched among Virginia voters, suggesting a shift in the state's traditionally Democratic stance.

Furthermore, a survey from FAU PolCom Lab/Mainstreet Research shows Trump and Biden tied in battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, each candidate has 45 percent support, and in Pennsylvania, Trump leads Biden by two points among all voters.

These polls indicate a notable decline in President Biden's support in key states, signaling a potential resurgence for former President Trump in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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