Second Amendment Foundation Stands By Trump to Defend Concealed Carry Permit in NYPD Battle

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is ready to back Donald Trump if the NYPD tries to take away his concealed carry permit. They're serious about protecting Trump's right to bear arms.

Liberal media like CNN and The New York Times are saying the NYPD might yank Trump's permit because of some legal issues. But hold on—SAF isn't having any of that. They say Trump hasn't been convicted of anything, so there's no reason to take away his Second Amendment rights.

Alan Gottlieb from SAF is fired up about this. He says Trump's gun rights are solid, based on historical and legal grounds. Gottlieb is ready to fight in court if he has to. The SAF is all set for a legal battle to protect everyone's constitutional rights.

AWR Hawkins, a big voice in the Second Amendment community, is also standing with Trump and the SAF. He's making sure people know how important it is to keep our right to bear arms.

The SAF is keeping a close watch on this situation and is prepared to defend our Second Amendment rights against any political attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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