Deep State Endures as Biden Positions Controversial Aide

The new president may have changed, but the government’s inner workings remain the same. The “deep state,” which tried to block President Trump’s plans, is still active, now with a more agreeable leader in charge. A recent promotion within the government underscored this continuity.

Maher Bitar, now President Biden’s special counsel and director of intelligence and defense programs on the National Security Council, has a history that sheds light on the current administration’s stance on Israel. During his time at Georgetown University, Bitar led the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group, known for its aggressive anti-Israel stance.

While SJP uses terms like “Israeli Apartheid,” Israel is a far cry from the segregation and discrimination seen in historic South Africa. Arabs in Israel have equal rights, serving in top positions in government, business, and various sectors. Criticisms like those espoused by Bitar often overlook these facts, pushing a divisive narrative.

Bitar’s past affiliations suggest that his views may not have evolved. The SJP website he was once part of advocates for Palestinian liberation, using inflammatory language and misrepresentations of historical facts to further its cause. These narratives, while popular among certain groups, do not align with the reality on the ground in Israel.

The appointment of Bitar, coupled with President Biden’s promises to Muslim advocacy groups, raises concerns about the administration’s approach to the Middle East. Biden’s commitment to having Muslim Americans in prominent roles may have played a role in Bitar’s rise to power, potentially influencing policy decisions regarding Israel and the region.

The recent events surrounding Hamas, Israel, and calls for a ceasefire highlight the complex dynamics at play. With figures like Bitar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Nihad Awad in positions of influence, the pressure on the administration to take certain actions intensifies. The delay in addressing these issues begs the question of where the administration’s true loyalties lie and what this means for America’s allies like Israel.

Written by Staff Reports

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