Dem Advocate Suggests Biden Use SEAL Team 6 on Trump After SCOTUS Ruling

America is no stranger to outrageous commentary, but Harry Sisson, a Democratic Party advocate, may have just raised the bar for leftist lunacy. Reacting to a Supreme Court decision that granted former President Donald Trump immunity from prosecution for certain official acts, Sisson decided it was a grand opportunity to suggest that President Joe Biden could fire up Seal Team 6 to “take out” Trump.

Responding to a ruling that essentially prevents frivolous charges against a sitting or former president for their official actions, Sisson raced to social media platform X, presumably searching for his next viral tweet. He triumphantly declared that according to the Supreme Court, Biden could dispatch the nation’s elite military unit to take out Trump. He dramatized the court’s decision, leading one to wonder if he moonlights as a scriptwriter for dystopian thrillers in his spare time.

Not to be outdone, Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to Trump, snapped back with a short but potent response. LaCivita advised Sisson to “expect a visit,” likely intending to educate the commentator on the consequences of his reckless and inflammatory words, which sound more like a plot from a bad action movie than a legitimate legal interpretation.

Predictably, Sisson doubled down. He dismissed criticisms from Trump supporters, labeling them “MAGA lunatics,” and clung to his dubious claim that his comments were a reflection on a dissenting opinion by Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Nothing screams intellectual rigor like throwing around terms of endearment like “lunatics.”

The entire saga began when the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 ruling, granted Trump immunity from prosecution for acts undertaken in his official capacity during his presidency. Chief Justice John Roberts clarified that this immunity applies to actions within the president’s constitutional authority. Yet, facts are often trivial for the uproarious left when there’s political hay to be made.

In a classic display of judicial tantrums, Justice Sotomayor warned that the ruling bestows the president with king-like powers, claiming that it shifts the power dynamics irrevocably. Of course, this hyperbole is about as accurate as a CNN fact-check—utterly devoid of reality.

With the Justice Department’s cases against Trump now facing complications, one must wonder how far the left will go in its Trump Derangement Syndrome. But one thing remains clear: Sisson’s attempt to cast Biden as an action hero with lethal authority epitomizes the left’s ability to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Perhaps it’s time for Biden to focus on more plausible feats—like fixing the economy or remembering what state he’s in.

Written by Staff Reports

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