Biden Family Rallies at Camp David Amid Hunter’s Legal Woes, Poor Debate Showing

The Biden clan decided to huddle up for a family photo at Camp David, with famed liberal lenswoman Annie Leibovitz on duty. This marks the first time they’ve all gathered since their resident troublemaker, Hunter Biden, was convicted of federal gun charges. Nothing says “family reunion” like a mugshot-worthy scandal, apparently.

As expected, they seized the moment to rally behind President Biden, urging him to stay in the presidential race despite his less-than-stellar debate performance last week. The New York Times, ever the lapdog, reported this latest family pep talk as if America was clamoring for more of Joe’s mumbling.

One of Biden’s loudest cheerleaders is, unsurprisingly, his son Hunter. You know, the one convicted of a gun crime and also facing federal tax charges. Jail time might do him good, but for now, he’s shilling hard for Dad, hoping Americans will see ol’ Joe as “scrappy and in command of the facts.” Apparently, Hunter must be getting his “facts” from the same advisors blamed for Biden’s abysmal debate showing.

Despite the growing chorus of voices suggesting Biden should bow out gracefully, his campaign assured The Washington Times that the president isn’t going anywhere. One can almost hear a collective groan from the Democratic Party as they brace for more of Joe’s “dazzling” performances.

A CNN flash poll revealed that a whopping 57% of voters who endured the debate are now severely lacking in confidence that Biden can lead the nation. Given his recent stutters and stammers, that’s hardly a shocker. It seems the only thing more shaky than Biden’s debate performance is the Democrats’ faith in their own contender.

Written by Staff Reports

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