Dem Rep. linked to Chinese Communist Party! Multiple ties unearthed!

Democrats are at it again with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Daily Caller reports. After previously being found affiliated with two other nonprofits with alleged connections to Chinese intelligence, Rep. Judy Chu of California is now linked to the International Federation of Chamber of Commerce, which is related to the U.S.-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (UCCC) and thus, CCP bureaus. At least 6 leaders of these groups have worked with the CCP since 2014. Chu is currently listed as “co-chair” on UCCC’s website.

Chu has been named in the news before for accepting honorary positions in two other California-based organizations, the All America Chinese Youth Federation and Forums for Peaceful Reunification of China, which also have ties to the CCP. She has, however, denied being a part of either. The allegations have drawn criticism, and Chu blamed the media attention on “anti-Asian racism,” aligning with other House Democrats.

UCCC and its affiliated groups have cooperated with Chinese government agencies and CCP bureaus, which have been identified as influence operations. The nonprofit boasts a global network designed to help Chinese brands enter the US market. The article highlights CCP’s embassies and consulates coming under fire for supporting espionage efforts, with the State Department closing the Chinese Consulate in Houston in July 2020.

Experts have expressed concern over the CCP systematically creating ‘chambers of commerce,’ such as UCCC, to advance China’s policy objectives covertly, integrate groups into the CCP’s general political and surveillance system, and act as legitimate fronts for elite capture by the CCP. As for Chu and the UCCC, both have failed to comment.

Once again, Democrats’ ties to the CCP continue to draw scrutiny, and it is unclear whether these connections will affect ongoing international relations.

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