Democrat Calls Out “Dangerous” Republicans for Supporting 2nd Amendment

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen from Tennessee has voiced his disappointment with fellow Republicans who support the Second Amendment, claiming that there is “no hope” of working with these lawmakers. Speaking on MSNBC, Cohen revealed that it is hard to serve with colleagues who firmly believe in the right to bear arms. “They’re part of the danger”, he added, implying that Second Amendment supporters are dangerous individuals. Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia is a notable advocate of this right, and recently handed out AR-15 rifle pins to fellow Republican Reps. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida and George Santos of New York. This is a move that has not gone down well with Democrats who are pushing for gun control measures in the aftermath of a recent school shooting in Tennessee.

The shooting was carried out by a 28-year-old transgender person, Audrey Hale, who gunned down three children and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville before being killed by law enforcement. In response to this horrific event, President Joe Biden and other prominent figures have called for a ban on so-called “assault weapons”. However, Cohen has expressed skepticism towards Republican lawmakers’ approach to the issue, implying they do not care enough about the victims of gun violence. “You got to do more than prayer,” he said, adding that it is important to get guns out of people’s hands in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Unfortunately, Republican lawmakers like Clyde, Luna, and Santos remain staunch defenders of the Second Amendment and have not responded to calls from Democrats to back gun control measures. It is highly concerning that politicians who claim to represent the American people are unable to see the seriousness of gun violence and the need to take action to prevent further tragedies. While Republicans continue to push for gun rights, innocent children and adults continue to be killed in unnecessary acts of violence. It is time for lawmakers to prioritize people over guns and introduce effective gun control measures to protect the lives of Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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