Judge protects FBI informant within Jan 6th trial; Defense drops witness.

Once again, the mainstream media is covering the ongoing events surrounding the January 6th protests in Washington D.C. However, some believe that the left-wing media is attempting to manipulate the narrative with their heavily biased reporting. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that a defendant in the Jan. 6 trial decided not to call a witness after the judge ruled that the witness's past as an FBI informant could not be discussed.

In case you missed the trial, Enrique Tarrio, the former National Chairman of Proud Boys, along with members Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl, Joseph Biggs, and Dominic Pezzola are facing charges of plotting against the transfer of presidential power in January 2021. In the course of the trial, it came to light that a female witness whom Tarrio's lawyers intended to call had been a confidential human source for the FBI between April 2021 and January 2023.

Jen Loh, who had provided the FBI with information since fall 2019, was revealed to be the witness whom Tarrio's lawyers wanted to call. However, Judge Timothy Kelly deemed her affiliation with the bureau irrelevant to the case, as noted by Lawfare's Robert Parloff. Consequently, Tarrio's attorney Sabino Jauregui stated that he would release Loh from the subpoena and refrain from calling her to testify. Additionally, the DOJ acknowledged that Loh had already provided a deposition about the matter.

According to a motion submitted by Carmen Hernandez, attorney for Zachary Rehl, Jen Loh had been in communication with one or more defense lawyers, had attended prayer meetings with the families of some defendants, and had discussed replacing one of the defense counsel with a member of the defendant's family during her tenure as an FBI source. Hernandez's motion requested the release of any FBI or DOJ records, recordings, and memoranda related to the "reporting on and recordings of the defense team." However, the DOJ denied the existence of any such records.

This raises a crucial question: Why was Loh interacting with the defense team, and was her intention to spy on them for the FBI? It is difficult to determine, but Judge Kelly suggested that "her association with the defense team could be attributed to her compassion for the defendants."

It is noteworthy that court documents filed in November revealed that the FBI had approximately eight informants within the Proud Boys in the months leading up to Jan. 6. Additionally, Matthew Walter, the former Tennessee Proud Boys chapter leader, informed the media in February that he and nearly 20 other members of the group had ties to the FBI during that period.

It appears that the government had a convoluted web of confidential human sources at their disposal, and their intentions might not have been honorable. As the trial progresses, it is essential that the truth is revealed and that the Jan. 6 defendants are given a just trial.

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