Democrat CAUGHT RED-HANDED Viloating Election Site Law

Due to the strict campaign laws, candidates are required to refrain from using their positions to influence voters in campaign free zones. However, despite this, they still violate this law all the time. In Will County, Illinois, there have been allegations of corruption.

Tim Brophy, the county treasurer, was allegedly violating this law by displaying 6 foot banners inside the Will County Clerk's office. According to Section 10 ILCS 5/29, campaign materials should not be more than 100 feet from the entrance of the polling station.

Similar activities have been deemed illegal in different jurisdictions across the country. These actions are usually used to persuade voters.

The front door of the office clearly states that campaigning is prohibited. Campaign buttons, shirts, and other political-related attire must be taken off before entering the building.

In a press release, Gretchen Fritz, the Republican candidate for the Will County Clerk, accused Lauren Ferry of violating this law by posting materials in the office's "campaign free zone". The materials included her name and face. On October 14, Fritz filed an official objection.

According to Fritz, she was completely disregarded by Charles Pelkie, the Deputy County Clerk. Despite this, County Clerk Ferry maintained that she was not violating the law.

After it was discovered that Lauren Ferry had removed the materials, it was reported that a similar complaint had been filed against Tim Brophy, the candidate for the Will County Treasurer. Although the campaign materials for Brophy still remain up and visible, it is not clear if they have been taken down.

If you believe that a candidate is violating the law by campaigning in the Will County Clerk's office, you can report the issue by calling the office at 815-740-4615.

It is very concerning that candidates would violate this law and try to influence the voters through their actions. This type of interference can no longer be tolerated, and it is very important that the public reports these types of activities.

Citizens should report candidates who violate the campaign free zone law to the authorities so that the elections can be conducted in a free and fair manner. This is important to ensure that the voters are protected from those who would try to take advantage of the situation.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Network.

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