Democrat Governors Scramble for Strategy After Biden’s Debate Disaster

Looks like the Democrat circus is back in town, folks. Whispers have been swirling ever since President Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance last Thursday, and it seems his fellow Democrats are circling the wagons, desperate for answers. CBS News reports that Democratic governors will huddle at the White House on Wednesday to presumably figure out how to put some polish back on their tarnished nominee.

Even within their own party, it’s clear there’s growing concern that Biden isn’t up to snuff. The Biden camp tried to pawn them off on Vice President Kamala Harris, but the governors weren’t having it. They wanted to hear directly from the man himself before putting their necks on the block yet again.

The Democrats’ strategy here, if one can call it that, reeks of desperation. Previous outreach efforts have largely been left to Biden’s top aides, who have been burning up the phone lines trying to soothe jittery elected officials. The Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA) even had a little pow-wow on Monday, apparently alarmed that Biden has been about as accessible as a snowman in July when it comes to reaching out to them during the campaign year.

Of course, Biden’s disastrous debate performance prompted the DGA head, Minnesota’s own Gov. Tim Walz, to call for this emergency meeting. Walz is a loyal soldier, but even he wasn’t shy about discussing the president’s woes and the need for damage control. Funny how they bury the hatchet once their political futures are at stake. What’s next, trusting a fox to guard the henhouse?

It’s no surprise that other big names from blue states decided to join the pow-wow. California’s Gavin Newsom and Illinois’ JB Pritzker are cashing in their frequent flyer miles to be there, too. Both have had their names floated as potential replacements if Biden continues to flounder. Talk about vultures circling a carcass. Of course, both are trailing behind former President Donald Trump in hypothetical matchups, according to Data for Progress, which gives that meeting an added whiff of desperation.

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, yet another potential replacement, will be keeping her cards close to her chest. She’s already telegraphed that Michigan might slip through their fingers if Biden remains the nominee. Even Minnesota, where Walz reigns supreme, is looking more battleground than ever this November.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris isn’t helping shore up the Democrats’ sagging hopes. Her recent interview with CBS News was a masterclass in dodging questions and dishing out the usual anti-Trump rhetoric. Her insistence that “Joe Biden is our nominee” feels like they’re trying to convince themselves more than the voters.

It gets better. When asked if she was ready to step in if needed, Harris side-stepped faster than an NFL running back, simply expressing pride in being Biden’s sidekick. Not exactly an inspiring message for a party already in disarray.

The Democratic governors are right to be worried. With blue states looking shaky and Biden seemingly out of touch, this White House meeting might influence more than campaign strategies—it could very well become political triage. Grab your popcorn, folks. This show is just getting started.

Written by Staff Reports

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