How Cemeteries Became the Latest Battleground in Election Integrity

In the bizarre world of modern politics, the dead don’t just rest in peace—they’re casting votes! Reports from across the country reveal cemeteries doubling as active voting districts, stirring up debates about election integrity and the sanctity of the democratic process.

Democratic strongholds, some say, are engaging in voter fraud with these phantom constituents. Critics argue that officials have been turning a blind eye to outdated voter rolls, which include the dearly departed who should have been long removed from any electoral activity. The idea of cemeteries as voting districts has left many scratching their heads and questioning the true state of our democracy.

Conservatives have been vocal about cleaning up voter rolls and ensuring that only living, breathing citizens cast ballots. The dead have no place in deciding the future of our nation, and it's high time election officials took this matter seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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