Democrat Rep Doggett Suggests Biden Should Withdraw From 2024 Race Over Fear of Trump

In a recent CNN interview, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) stirred the pot by suggesting that President Joe Biden should consider withdrawing from the 2024 presidential race. Doggett tap-danced around the issue of Biden’s cognitive abilities, claiming that he couldn’t definitively comment on any potential decline. Despite not having had numerous meetings with the President, Doggett indicated that he had heard murmurs from others about noticeable changes in Biden in recent months.

Doggett attempted to clarify that his call for Biden to step aside wasn’t due to any perception of Biden’s inadequacy, but rather out of fear of a second Trump term. He expressed bewilderment over Biden’s lagging poll numbers compared to Trump, despite what he views as Biden’s superior track record.




Even when pressed by host Jim Sciutto about any personal observations of Biden’s cognitive acuity over the years, Doggett demurred, stating he couldn’t provide a concrete assessment. Instead, he relied on second-hand accounts from individuals who purportedly remarked on observable shifts in Biden’s demeanor.

Doggett’s comments add fuel to the ongoing speculation about President Biden’s mental acuity, reflecting a broader concern among some Americans about his fitness to lead. The ambiguous nature of Doggett’s remarks leaves room for interpretation and further encourages debate on the issue.

Written by Staff Reports

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