Rep. Craig Joins Growing Democratic Calls for Biden to Step Aside

President Joe Biden’s troubles continue to mount as Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota becomes the latest Democrat to withdraw her support for the President following his lackluster interview on ABC News. Craig’s decision to ask Biden to step aside makes her the fifth member of Congress to do so since the disastrous June 27 debate, where Biden’s performance drew criticism from all corners.

Craig’s move is particularly noteworthy as she hails from a battleground district in Minnesota, a state where former President Donald Trump’s popularity is on the rise. Despite Biden winning the state by a significant margin in 2020, recent polls now show Trump leading by as much as four points. This shift in support underscores the growing concern within the Democratic Party about Biden’s ability to take on Trump in the upcoming election.

In her statement, Craig emphasized the need for new leadership, stating that she does not believe Biden can effectively campaign and defeat Trump. She called for a “democratic process” to select a new nominee, highlighting the urgency of finding a candidate who can inspire and unite the nation.

With the Democratic National Convention approaching, Biden’s grip on the nomination appears to be slipping as more party members voice their doubts about his candidacy. The pressure on Biden is only set to increase as Congress reconvenes, forcing Democrats to confront the issue of his viability as the party’s standard-bearer.

As calls for Biden to step aside grow louder, his future prospects look increasingly uncertain. The upcoming days will prove pivotal for Biden and the Democratic Party, as they grapple with the question of who is best suited to lead the party in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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