Democrats Fearful as Biden Exit Rumors Fuel Harris Speculation

Democratic Party insiders are in full panic mode—has the Titanic sprung a leak? Reports of Joe Biden possibly stepping down from his re-election campaign are causing quite the tizzy among the left’s elite. In their desperation, they might just be making a Faustian bargain.

According to a Wednesday scoop from Reuters, which cites seven unnamed “senior” sources within the Biden campaign, the White House, and the Democratic Party, one person is emerging as the frontrunner to replace ol’ Joe. Drumroll, please—it’s none other than Vice President Kamala Harris.

This has been a hot topic ever since Biden’s dismal performance in last Thursday’s debate against Donald Trump. Let’s be real: it’s like watching a tired old boxer getting pummelled in the ring while insisting he can go the full twelve rounds. The vultures are circling, and Kamala Harris’ name is at the top of the list.

The Democrats have a strategy, or so they think. Harris would have instant access to the campaign’s millions, unlike if she were merely the VP pick again. Those Dems sure know how to keep their eyes on the money—who needs principles when you’ve got millions? Plus, she’d slide right into Biden’s existing campaign infrastructure like a bureaucrat back into the swamp.

But let’s not kid ourselves: Kamala Harris is no golden ticket. Even Democratic focus groups can’t stand her, from her maniacal laughter to her victim-playing antics. People genuinely don’t warm up to her. Biden himself appears less than enthused—can anyone blame him?

And let’s not forget the elephant—or should we say, the elephant-riding lion—in the room. A Harris vs. Trump matchup is downright laughable. Trump has already been sharpening his claws. The spectacle would be a gift that keeps on giving for conservatives.

One thing’s for sure: The Democratic Party is skating on thin ice. Whether Biden stays or goes, the road ahead is a nightmare for them. Their gamble on Harris might just hasten their downfall.

Written by Staff Reports

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